It’s all happening!

We’re excited to announce that the Boston Poetry Marathon is happening in 2018! The annual three-day poet-fest will be held August 10-12 at Outpost 186 in Cambridge’s Inman Square.

This year’s event takes place at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA on Friday, August 10, 6-10:30pm, Saturday, August 11 12:00-10:30pm, and Sunday, August 12 11-6pm.

The format hasn’t changed: three days of poetry, a billion poets (well, maybe 100), eight minute time slots to share their writing. We listen to a bunch of poems. We hang out. We have fun.

We’re looking for new voices to add to this year’s roster who may not have read at the Marathon in years past – poets that are representative of the diverse and vibrant poetic communities that Boston (and beyond) has to offer. If you can think of a few talented poets who we should invite, please share their name (and contact info) with us!

This is all a bit late-breaking, so please check back soon as the schedule is formalized, and help us spread the word. We look forward to seeing you in August. Onward!

Past participants share their work at the Boston Poetry Marathon.