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Boston Poetry Marathon 2020 Fundraiser for BLM!

This year we are raising funds for organizations that fight for racial justice, in support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Boston Poetry Marathon stands firmly with the Black Lives Matter movement and recognizes that words of support must also be accompanied by concrete and meaningful action.

Usually donations to the Boston Poetry Marathon go to cover the operating costs for the event. However, because we are online this year, we decided to forgo taking donations toward the event and instead make our event a fundraiser for the following organizations:

Urban League Logo

Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (ULEM):
 The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (ULEM) is one of the oldest affiliates within the National Urban League movement. Its mission is to enable adults in Eastern MA to overcome racial, social barriers, economic inequities, sexual and domestic violence to employment and economic development opportunities. For 100 years, ULEM’s programs and services have given hope to participants and made a lasting, impactful statement in the community.

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SISTA FIRE RI: SISTA FIRE seeks to support and nurture women of color to come together to build our collective power for social, economic and political transformation. We aim to connect the patterns and practices of community strength from the past, building on the present, and–-with great intentions–-planting the seeds for the future. We take lessons from our grandmas holding it down in Black Lives Matter, our Indigenous aunties fighting for their own homelands here, our trans sisters who fight for their rights to be who they are, and our immigrant and refugee mommas demonstrating their strength with unrelenting love and profound sacrifices.

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Donations in any amount are very much appreciated!  Be sure to follow our social media for updates–including more information about the work being done by these organizations! When the event wraps in August, we will divide up all donations between these organizations.

In addition to your own donations, please also share this Go Fund Me campaign with your friends and community!

Thank you in advance for your generosity.