We have two more organizers this year! Please welcome Christina Liu and Xtina Strong as organizers for 2020. They join the team along with your artistic directors, Bridget Eileen and Suzanne Mercury.


Bridget Eileen – Artistic Director

Bridget Eileen is a writer who lives in Providence. She grew up in the Boston area. She has a Bachelor of Science in English Education with minors in Music and Women’s Studies, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the great state of Maine. She is a poet, she does communications work, and she writes two blogs, an online arts and culture notebook available at, and Vintage Bridge Style: An Age, Sex and Body Positive Beauty Blog.

Her poetry work has been published in Frost Meadow ReviewCan We Have Our Ball BackBoston HassleNitrogen HouseStone’s ThrowHineni MagazineLet the Bucket DownReality BeachSummer Stock Lit Journal, & Anti-Heroin Chic. She has also been published in Reflections, The Maine Review, The Ornery Hipster, Vividarium, The Accompaniest, Stonecoast Lines, and Newport Life Magazine. She worked as an arts and cultural reporter for The Maine Campus, The Loop, and The Malden Muse. She’s done poetry readings in Boston (Eastie and JP), Brooklyn, Albany, Cambridge, Gloucester, Maine, Manhattan, and New Orleans.

Bridget Eileen is the Communications Chair and 2nd Congressional District Executive Committee Representative for the Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus. Bridget also runs the Boston Austen Book Club, a book club that meets once a season to discuss the works of Jane Austen, works inspired by Jane Austen, or writing on Austen’s books and life.

Her social and biological nieces and nephews call her Auntie Boo-Boo and that’s awesome. Her role model in life is Maude, of Harold and Maude.


Suzanne Mercury – Artistic Director

Suzanne MercurySuzanne Mercury is a poet, impassioned lucid dreamer, and gardener who creates mixed-media assemblages using found objects, old texts, LED lights, glass, gold, tree branches, spider webs, and all manner of natural materials, combining them with her written work.

She has published poetry in a variety of places including SpoKeTruckSummer StockSonora Review, and Hayden’s Ferry Review, as well as in anthologies Let the Bucket Down and The Wisdoms of the Universes in a Single String of Letters. She has also exhibited work and given readings and performances in a wide variety of venues in Cambridge, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Amherst, Boston, Aspen, London, and Istanbul. 

Her chapbook sassafracas (Xerolage 69), a collection of visual poems etched in dichroic glass, is published by Xexoxial Editions. Her chapbook Hand to Earth is published by Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs.

She lives in Boston where she creates sustainable gardens, keeps honeybees, lets bumblebees nestle in her hair, and does what she can to help save the planet. Her home on the web can be found at:


Christina Liu – 2020 Organizer

IMG_3263 (1)Christina Liu’s parents escaped China’s Cultural Revolution, settling with her to live in NYC’s Chinatown.  This backdrop informs much of her writing.  She holds a BA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing and an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. Formerly an ESL counselor and translator, she is currently an academic advisor and writing instructor at Boston Architectural College.  Her work is published in Dream International Quarterly, Phantasm, and featured on the CD, Spoken Live! (Arula Records).

Christina has been a member of Streetfeet Women since 2014, a non-profit writing and performance ensemble and performs with them regularly.  Her poems, “Only,” and “I Am,” will be published in the upcoming Frequency Writers anthology, tentatively titled, Word in World.  Recent readings include, since 2019: The Boston Poetry Marathon, The Boston Poetry Salon, Jamaica Plain’s Chapter and Verse, and the Lizard Lounge.  In November, she was featured in Brockton Public Library’s “Voices of Diversity” program.

She dreams, in spare moments, of green places, rushing waters, and dumplings.

Xtina Strong – 2020 Organizer